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How to Play


You can enjoy CHUNITHM
                more if you use
                You can check your
                data anytime anywhere!
                EX Ranking is available!

How to use CHUNITHM-NET?


You can register "FAVORITE MUSIC and CHARACTER"
                  in CHUNITHM-NET from "SETTING" ▶︎ "FAVORITE SETTING".

The music and characters you set will be displayed in
                  your "FAVORITE" folder in the game!


On the CHUNITHM-NET’s FRIEND screen, press the
                  "REGISTER FRIEND SCORE" button of the friend
                  you are interested in ......!

The scores of your registered friends will be displayed in
                  the game. Let’s try to get a higher score than your friends!


You can now check the music for rating on CHUNITHM-NET!


When you play CHUNITHM, you can save up "P-Point"
                  and exchange them for items!

Team Feature

Your team is going to become a new legend!?
                  「Team」feature is now available!

You can join a Team or create a new Team within CHUNITHM-NET!

Gain Team Points by playing CHUNITHM!
                  You might be able to receive a special Team Emblem based on your Team's result on the monthly ranking!

Team Point Rewards

If you have gathered certain Team Points, you can receive item as reward!
                  There are 2 types of items that you can receive as rewards.
                  Items which will be given based on your personal points.
                  Items which will be given based on the total Team Points.
                  Please view the list for more details!

Team Original Course

You can create the 「Team Original Course」by discussing with your team members!
                  The team leader can create the Team Course within CHUNITHM-NET.
                  There will be a ranking as well!
                  So you can compete with your team members and see who has better skills!
                  *You can only adjust the Team Course once a month. (From the 1st of every month.)
                  *If no adjustment has been made in the Team Course, the same contents will be carried on to the next month.