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Japanese Version

How to Play


Within the COURSE MODE,
                  you can play 3 requested songs continuously!
                  Come and take the challenge!

You can choose クラス認定 from the Music select screen!
                  *You can only choose the first music of the credits,
                  *You will not be able to play the mode in the first game with new Aime or after a transfer.

There are several COURSEs that you can select!
                  Choose a COURSE that you are interested!

Once your LIFE becomes 0,
                  the game will end immediately!
                  Hope you can complete it! Good luck!


Once you have cleared the COURSE,
                  you will get 'クラスエンブレム'!
                  The more difficult COURSE that you can clear,
                  the more 'クラスエンブレム' that you can get!